Our organization RSR Nemo is a ship management company that delivers services at the highest standards. All services we offer and crew we recruit must be of equal quality to meet the expectations of our clients. Our crew that is working on cruise ships consists of over 500 people in diverse positions, of over 15 nationalities.
Our mission – High quality comes with high standards.
We expect of our people to be top-class. In return, we want to offer them a stable environment, with plenty of opportunities for those who meet our requirements. As a leader in the river cruise industry it is our goal to keep on evolving, constantly growing and improving our services.

Key Responsibilities
The Captain holds overall responsibility and authority for all matters concerning the safety of the vessel, passengers and crew, for environmental protection and for the overall operation of the vessel.
The Captain takes rank and precedence over all crew.
On board the vessel the Captain has full and complete authority to act or give orders which he considers necessary to protect human life, the environment and the vessel whether they be in accordance or not with the procedures and instructions provided by the Company.

Main Tasks
Implementing on board and ensuring compliance with the Scylla AG and the Company’s

Policies and guidelines, including the rules regarding the Alcohol consumption, in
collaboration with the Hotel Manager.
Motivating the crew in applying Company’s Policies, and ensuring that all procedures

and guidelines detailed by the Company are correctly carried out, in collaboration with
the Hotel Manager.
Co-ordinating of personnel planning), work schedules and free day calendar, in

collaboration with nautical planner.
Supervising the total inventory of the vessel, in collaboration with the Hotel Manager.

Controlling whether the vessel’s inventory is well maintained and cleaned, in

collaboration with the Hotel Manager when this regards hotel operations.
Reporting any defects to the technical support.

Issuing appropriate orders and instructions to the crew in a clear and simple manner.

Ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the vessel and the coordination of activities

between the crew. In coordinating these activities, he is to ensure that the onboard
communication network, for both passengers and crew, is effective, in collaboration
with the Hotel Manager.
Ensuring order, tidiness and hygiene on board, in collaboration with the Hotel

Carrying out daily duties personally, if required by the circumstances.

Solving internal (personnel) as well as external (guests) problems and differences, in

collaboration with the Hotel Manager.
Controlling the stock (light bulbs, filters, paint, etc.) and the quantity as well as quality

of goods received against order lists and delivery notes, in collaboration with the Hotel
Manager when this regards hotel operations.
Responsible for controlling and processing of all administrative tasks (expenses,

invoices received, voyage notifications, order lists).
Supervising the correct clothing is worn by personnel, and that their personal

appearance is in compliance with the guidelines specified by the Company, in
collaboration with the Hotel Manager.
Responsible for the fair and correct allocation of free time for nautical personnel and its

proper administrative processing.
Nominating nautical employees for potential education and/or promotion.

Assisting in preparation of other financial information.
The necessary licenses

At least 2 years of experience in the same position on passenger vessels

Good command of English and / or German
Our offer
Competitive salary package

Swiss Contract

Benefits including health insurance and social security insurance

An international and multicultural working environment

A unique experience, seeing the world while working on the most innovative and

luxurious river vessels in Europe
Onboard training
Please apply now: manning@cosmosagency.eu

+359 52 609 935