Cosmos Agency Работа на речни кораби 2024



Компанията предлага :

– Hotel Manager / Хотел Мениджър 
– 3 500 EUR  основна заплата+ 900 евро бакшиш
– Assistant Hotel Manager / Помощник Хотел Мениджър – 2 200 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Front Desk Agent / Администратор– 1 500 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Night Guest Agent / Нощен Администратор – 1 250 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Executive Chef / Главен Готвач – 3 375 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Executive Sous Chef / Главен Су Готвач   – 2 800 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Sous Chef / Су Готвач – 2 500 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Junior Sous Chef / Помощник Су Готвач – 2 300 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Pastry Chef / Главен Сладкар – 2 300 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Cook Pastry / Сладкар  – 2 000 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Cook / Готвач  – 2 150 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Kitchen Steward / Работник кухня – 1 300 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Restaurant Manager / Ресторант Мениджър – 2 000 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Assistant Restaurant Manager / Помощник Ресторант Мениджър  – 1 650 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Bartender / Барман  – 1 400 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Waiter / Сервитьор – 1 400 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Head Cabin Attendant / Главен Камериер – 1 650 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Cabin Supervisor / Старши Камериер – 1 450 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Cabin Attendant / Камериер  – 1 300 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Massage Therapist / Масажист – 1 500 EUR  основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш
– Musician / Масажист  – 2 000 EUR основна заплата + 900 евро бакшиш


МАЛТИЙСКИ или ФРЕНСКИ трудови договори ( в зависимост от района на опериране на корабите )
Платен отпуск – до 40 дни (ротация във Франция – 40 дни на борд / 20 почивни дни)
Настаняване и храна – осигурени на борда
Пътни разходи – ще бъдат възстановени в края на договора (до 400 евро)
Безплатен WIFI
Безплатни перални услуги
Предлагат се безплатни екскурзии за екипажа
Специална отстъпка в магазина на борда
Достъп до фитнес зала и уелнес зона
Бонус при приключване на сезона



CV на английски език и препопъки ( ако имате такива )
– Владеене на английски език – ниво B1/B2
Опит на речни пасажерски кораби или в 4/5 звездни хотели

Cosmos Agency Работа на речни кораби 2024

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Тел.: +359 52 609 935

Cosmos Agency Работа на речни кораби 2024

Относно компанията :

   Our culture started from the minute my husband, Alan, and I decided to acquire Grand Circle in 1985, and it has been shaped by countless events and people over our history. Parts of our culture were very well considered, such as when we crafted a Vision and a Mission and identified the Values, we believed in. Other components have been shaped by the big and small things that make up our past—the move to Boston from New York, the Gulf War Crisis, 9/11, Covid, and the dynamism of our industry and times. What is it like to work at Grand Circle? What do we take seriously, what do we believe, how do we treat each other, what do we expect? This page is to introduce our culture to associates and to share our sense of who we are with Grand Circle veterans. The core of our culture rests on two essential elements—Performance and Values. Your success here begins with you and your willingness to stretch, to try new things, to grow. Again, welcome to Grand Circle … your adventure and discovery is about to begin.


The work on a cruise ship, regardless of the company, has many advantages.

If you love adventures (you are not someone who likes to sit down happily at the desk all day long) and one who wants to go out to see the world, meet people and experience new sensations. These are people like you, perfectly prepared to start work in the cruise industry!

How would you feel if you have the opportunity to travel and visit landmarks all over Europe, places that not everyone has the chance to see?

Imagine that every morning you wake up in a different place in Europe and that is why they are even paying you!
Imagine being able to see Amsterdam, shop in Basel or have lunch in Strasbourg!

Imagine that you have many friends from different nationalities – you all live, work, communicate and enjoy incredible moments together!

Does this sound like an unachievable dream? It is not unattainable. That’s exactly the way thousands of young people choose to live. This is exactly the life you can also choose.

And so :

Why Can Cruise Ship Work Be the Best Thing You Have Ever Made?

For several reasons:

  1. A Journey Through Europe – The cruise ship is the perfect vehicle to transport you to the most beautiful places and sights of the Old Continent!
  2. To do something with your life – The work is extraordinary and very different, it will turn you into an interesting and attractive person. It is natural for the others to always want to talk about your way of life. Even potential prospective employers are intrigued by seeing in your autobiography that you have been working on a ship. You yourself will be very pleased with yourself that you have done something very exciting with your life!
  3. To save money – the potential for saving money is huge! You will have a high income and zero cost – no rent, food, electricity and water bills every month. Your money is entirely at your disposal!
  4. To meet new people – you will have the opportunity to work and create friendships and relationships with new people coming from every corner of the world! Some of them will be the most exotic and distant places!
  5. To start a new career – Working on a ship should not be a one-time opportunity: A brilliant career awaits you – if only you want it! Opportunities to make a career are huge and cruise companies prefer to promote people from their staff!
  6. For fun – And the fun comes with a “F” when you work on a ship!